Monday, July 09, 2007

It's never too hot to watch TV

Okay, listen up. Ya'll remember the "Star in Your Own Music Video" places? Throughout the 80's and into the 90's these places were set up in malls and fairs and such, and they would stick you in front of a blue screen and have you lip-synch to a song. You got to keep the video you made, only to hide it away out of extreme embarrasment. Well, if anyone has one of these, we sure would love to help you share your embarrasment with the world. Heres one right here as a fine example.

Between spells of playing the Darkness on the 360 (Mike Patton voices the Darkness itself!) I've been catching up with some DVD viewing.

Firstly, I'm about half way through the Amazing World of Kreskin DVD box set. For those not in the know, Kreskin is a mentalist that was quite popular in the 70's. Though he claims no paranormal gifts, the stuff he can do is just plain scary. I'll always remember the story my dad told me about how when Kreskin appeared at a club my father worked at, he challenged the club owner to hide his payment somewhere, and if at the end of the night Kreskin couldn't find it, the owner could keep it. Of course, he found it. This box collects 2 discs worth of episodes from his mid-70's TV show. If you get the limited edition version you get a miniature recreation of the Kreskins ESP board-game. Whoohoo! Disc 3 has Kreskin in the present day telling stories of his days hosting his TV show.

Secondly, another childhood memory reared it's ugly head with the recent appearance of "The Ghost Busters" on DVD. Not to be confused with the Movie, this Saturday morning kids show ran but one season, 1975-76. Starring Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker (of F-Troop) and a Gorilla named Tracy, each week the live action comic antics of this trio brought them into contact with all sorts of monsters, vampires and paranormal phenomena. I swear that upon hearing the first notes of the theme song I was immediately able to kinda sorta sing along to it. After 30 f'n years!! I mean, jeez, the thing never got shown in syndication after it went off the air, and it only ran for 15 episodes, but my brain still retained more than just the bare-bones of it. As for the show itself, all I can say is comedy is a subjective thing, and once again I do bring a bit of baggage to this thing, so let's just say the comedy is "simple". The DVD set is anything but simple, though. Besides ALL of the episodes, you get over 20 minutes of interviews with Producer Lou Scheimer and the guy in the gorilla suit Bob Burns. PLUS every script on a DVD-ROM!